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When teaching photography, I try to use Dan Brown to show more important elements. Admittedly, I never read Brown, so I have to wait that he pops up in the conversation with students. Then it is easy to explain that the presence of Ws in paintings is not a mystic sign but rather a mode of composition and organisation of space that can be easily deconstructed & understood.

Hopefully, the message gets through!


Art History Today

that sounds a good strategy- dan brown does have his uses! thanks for stopping by- David

Peter Paul Fuchs

I really laughed on reading your words that Dan Brown has nudged Panofsky off the Art History shelves! I was in Edinburgh last year and enjoyed seeing the Poussin Seven Sacrament series there for the first time. If only Dan Brown would set to work "decoding" those!

Art History Today

i think the Sacraments would be way over DB's head! Cheers- David

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