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Sounds like an interesting exhibition. I agree: it is interesting that someone finds Basquiat ready of rehabilitation. It's also interesting to see that the other exhibition at the Beyeler contains work by Felix-Gonzales Torres, who also incorporated statements about AIDS in his work.

As a scholar of Baroque art, I'm always intrigued when contemporary and modern artists mimic a painting by Caravaggio. I've never seen Schnabel's "Exile" (1980) before, and I'm glad you posted about it. The connection you made between Schabel's identity and that of Caravaggio is interesting. It reminds me of Cindy Sherman's 1990 photograph Untitled #224 (see here: http://www.metapedia.com/wiki/images/Sherman4-2.jpg), in which Sherman copies another early Caravaggio painting, Sick Bacchus. Sherman's work has always been connected with identity, but it's interesting to note that Schabel referenced Caravaggio before Sherman. I wonder if Sherman had known about "Exile" before she made her own reference to Caravaggio.

Art History Today

Thanks M.

Yes, the debate between baroque and modern art interests me too. Not surprised that Sch used Caravaggio- he's the real point of reference for 20th century artists interested in that period.

Sherman is an excellent example- the link you put in doesn't go anywhere, but I recall one of Sherman's images: she's dressed in baroque drapery and holding a knife- it seemed to be an intriguing mixture of Salome/Judith and film noir.

Best- D


Apologies for the dud link. Hopefully this one will work, for anyone who is interested: http://images.artnet.com/images_US/magazine/news/artmarketwatch/artmarketwatch5-18-07-7.jpg

Art History Today

Yes- it works now. Thanks.

Have to confess I'd never seen the Sherman/Caravaggio before. I wonder why NYC artists were choosing that particular image?

Simon Abrahams

Good post, David. I agree you with completely. It will be interesting to see where his reputation is ten or twenty years from now. Thanks for letting me know about it.


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