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H Niyazi

Cheers for the review download David!

With regards to AGDs comments on the identity of the killer, it seems he was simply affirming the evidence that suggests that a pursuing Knight of Malta inflicted mortal wounds which Caravaggio took a long time to die from.

In the BBC Radio 3 presentation ADG gave last week, he further stated that Caravaggio's works after this attack were indicative of this physical decline. Knowing medical standards of the day, I wouldn't say it is a wholly unlikely hypothesis.

For those interested, I recently hosted all 5 of last week's BBC Radio3 Caravaggio series on 'The Essay' The 5th episode was the one presented by Mr Graham-Dixon. They can be streamed directly from the site or downloaded in mp3 format.

There is also a video and photo stream link of the current Caravaggio Exhibition in Florence.


H Niyazi

Art History Today

Thanks Hiyaz- I know other scholars who have produced interesting material on Caravaggio's art and medicine. It is a new branch of the field.

I'll have a listen to the radio broadcasts.

Best- David

H Niyazi

How about the report of the 'New Caravaggio' - The Martyrdom of St Lawrence, apparently?!


I wonder if that has that been known of for a while, or Italian newspapers are just happenning to report it on the 400th anniversary of his passing?


Art History Today

Thanks for that Hiyaz.

I can see why Pinelli is sceptical

I've never heard of it. I checked the copies section of the London 2005 catalogue- nothing there. It might be an idea to look at Alfred Moir's book on copies after Caravaggio, and see if a St Lawrence is mentioned, after Caravaggio. There's a copy in our university library.

The Vatican will have to work hard to convince the Caravaggio community, I feel.

Thanks again



I guess you have read that the Vatican has now denounced their attribution of the St. Lawrence. if this pseudo-Caravaggio was found actually found in a Jesuit sacristy (as the Vatican says) one would think a building history of the church in question would yield some information.


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