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H Niyazi

Hello David. Congrats on your award!

'Modern Art' is a nebulous label. I am equally bored by hearing people wax on about the deep significance of Manzoni's crap in a tin.

At the same time, I am also aware of the talent and beauty of modern mediums that still are not fully seen as true art forms by a lot of people. Concept and CG artists, video game designers are not given the same creedence as someone like Hirst for example.

One look at works by artists like Yoshitaka Amano, Gilles Beloeil or Tetsuya Nomura(to name but a few), reassures us that beauty and precision in Artistic expression is alive and well, and striking a chord with modern, young audiences in a way the opinionated connoisseur crowd never will.

I hope to be discussing/interviewing shining stars in these new mediums on my site in future months.

H Niyazi

Art History Today

Thanks Hiyaz for your comments and e.mail. I'll check out these artists at some point. I also need to catch up with the Caravaggio too.

There'll be another connoisseurship post later this month.

Have a good holiday and I look forward to cultural dispatches from Florence

best- david

Peter Paul Fuchs

Congrats on the Award!


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