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H Niyazi

Fascinating post David! When I started looking for Art blogs late last year, I was dismayed with how few there are! Yours was indeed one of the first I found.

My background on the web has been working for sites dedicated to technology and gaming. When I turned my focus to my other love(Art) I took the relative scarcity of these online resources as an invitation to fill the gap :)

I think the recent winners list compiled by online PhD was a great idea - and I hope to consolidate this with a project I am planning. Art History on the web needs to be better promoted!

As for the classroom, from your post and other things I have read by other Art Historians working in education is that there is not as widespread use of technology in teaching Art History as one would imagine for such a visually rich topic!

My only response to that is that educational institutions really need to catch up.

Familiarity with the world of digital artists has shown me that technology is being used and adopted by new artists of all ages and expertise at a phenomenal rate - something which I hope to expose with my upcoming articles on this medium - the first one will be up this Friday :)


Art History Today

Thanks H.

Yes, I think art history needs to be promoted more through various web projects- it'll be interesting to see what you- and others- do to achieve this. I'll return to this via connoisseurship later on.

it's my impression too that only digital artists are really only making the most of the technology, not art historians.

Loved your gaming posts- I could easily get distracted by renaissance virtual worlds- too tempting.



Great post! "The Virtual Window" by Friedman sounds like a fascinating read. I'll have to check it out.

Art historians definitely are behind when it comes to technology. I have tried to integrate it more into my classroom, by often showing blogs/articles/videos to my students during lecture. I feel like technology is a great tool to emphasize that art history really is a dynamic discipline - students don't always get that sense from reading stuffy, authoritative textbooks and looking at archaic slides.

I also can relate to your comment about over-stimulation when it comes to art. There does need to be a good balance between the meditation/inspiration of art and the over-stimulation of technology. Many times I've gone to a museum or gallery, and spent my time distracted from the art because I'm formulating a new blog post in my head!

Art History Today

M- The Friedberg text is really worth reading.

You've hit the nail on the head with dynamic. Art history moves slowly, almost imperceptibly, in some of the areas I work in.

Yes, I'm guilty of multi-tasking/ cpa-ing in the museum too.



I loved this post! (even though I sort of disagree!). The intersection between technology and art will continue to be an exciting and controversial one. By the way, your post was featured in this month's Art History Carnival.

Art History Today

Thanks Margaret


You make some good points, and you've observed a huge problem with art history in academia (which is kinda why I got out). I think it comes down to funding. There are so many possibilities for using technology in art history classrooms and also in humanities libraries, but neither have any money. Most humanities departments, including art history, have outdated low resolution projectors, so even if we go to the trouble of getting great high res images from museums with which to teach, in the end the students simply cannot see what we're talking about. (It hasn't changed much from when I did my undergrad in Canada, when I remember that we received a batch of hand-me-down slide projectors from one of the scientific departments.)
Libraries COULD transform themselves into invaluable resources for the comparitive study of primary sources if they had the money to invest in touch screen tables where we could compare scanned and actual versions; instead the physical library is becoming less and less necessary for work up to a certain level.
I could go on, but I won't. But I will add you to my RSS reader!

Art History Today

Thanks for all these points. Money is the burning question- as always!

I'm really pressed for time at the moment but I hope to get to these issues in the not too distant future.



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