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v festival

The terminally unhip singer' is why James has sold so many records. The devoted fans were there to see JAMES BLUNT debut new songs from his upcoming album Some Kind Of Trouble as well as to see him in person. I'm sure James' Mum and Grandma were invited for support.but I dont think he needs it judging by the fans who turned up! maybe they were on mobile..

Art History Today

James Blunt...

And this relates to connoisseurship how?

H Niyazi

Pay no attention to the spambot commenter David!

Wonderful article - your pieces on connoisseurship are definitely helping me get a better grasp on how art historians view this topic.

It is so wildly different from my own scientific and historical approach to art that I must admit I was often cynical about the 'C' word when it was as a justification for attributions!

Like with most things, the truth is lurking perhaps somewhere in the middle ground. Having a sound knowledge of science, history and experiential knowledge combined can only strengthen one's arsenal to understanding a work.

I look forward to your next piece on this topic with regards to technology - sounds interesting!

Kind Regards
H Niyazi

Art History Today

Thanks H,

I would like to do a connoisseurship triptych. But with the current workload, I'm limited to short, sharp posts at the moment!


Congratulations! Your post was nominated to be included in the November issue of the Art History Carnival.

Keep up the good work! I found this post to be very fascinating, especially the information about Eastlake. I wish I was in the UK, so I could see the upcoming show about him. I wonder if the show will include the Coxcie painting. I hope that it is included, show that exhibition viewers can understand that Eastlake and connoisseurship aren't perfect.

Here is the link to the carnival:


Art History Today

Thanks Monica.

I'll probably return to eastlake and more connoisseurship some other time.



I would assume back in the 19th century art was a way to describe things that were going on in the world that they necessary didn't agree with but would get in trouble for if they transparently talked about it.

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There is definately a lot to learn about this issue.
I really like all the points you made.

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Connoisseurship and the Public Eye - Art History Today

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