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Paula Humfrey


Hope your Royal Academy visit was spiffy.

I'm checking in to let you know that I followed H. Niyazi's wise comments over following your 'Art of Bad Government' thread:

"As for the political side of things... [I] can only hope that the ratio of action:analysis tips in favour of the former on the side of the people it is affecting."

And also over on 3pp:

"new projects that start small and achievable are the key to getting the ball rolling."

(See: http://www.3pipe.net/2010/11/tempest-facing-academics-and-humanities.html#comments)

So here's what I did. Thanks huge for posting the Guardian open letter in support of student protests. I emailed every signatory to the letter a copy of the 'dIgital deviants' article. Now I'm in contact with a number of good people and brainstorming ways to foster a proper revolution in higher ed.

Viva La Revolución,

Art History Today


Yes, the RA was great- over 220 drawings and paintings. I'm exhausted.

Before sleep, hope your article gets some response from the signatories. H's post was v inspiring.

From following the debate on the web I would guess that a move from theory to praxis is more likely to happen once we turn the corner into 2011. Things are bad now, but they're going to get a whole lot worse next year. Meanwhile, here's something worrying though not entirely surprising.....


Best- David

Paula Humfrey

Yikes. And in the US, too, where the approach is less... collaborative:

"Homeland Security seizes domain names"

I wonder whether this is the thin edge of the censorship wedge, or instead whether the tools being deployed are way too brittle to work well, since the web is effectively beyond the control of any one agency and is nicely self-policing anyhow.

looking forward to reading the report of your field trip,

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Don’t Stop the Carnival! - Art History Today

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