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Great post and review! I really enjoyed reading this book last year. I continually find reasons to refer back to this book - in fact, I looked up something in it yesterday afternoon!

I agree with what you said about Van Meegeren's artistic ability. He obviously was a very talented man, but spent his talent and ability trying to imitate Vermeer instead of working on his own abilities/strengths/creativity. It's a shame, because he really was talented (although, I do think that his "Supper at Emmaus" is quite ugly).

I've heard of "The Rape of Europa" book before - you've reminded me that I need to read it as well.

I'd love to sit in on your art crime course!

Art History Today

Yes, the book is really good.

I was reading your review of the FBI book the other day. I think I'll need to read that as next term we're looking at the fightback against art crime. So I need to find out more about the work of various polices forces and crime-fighting orgs.

I dipped into the "Rape of Europa" as I read Lopez. Their descriptions of the Dutch art scene during wartime are really fascinating.

Thanks again- David

Val Span

There certainly is a lot of buzz about Priceless. I'll either have to put a hold on it at the library (already six ahead of me) or go buy a copy (forget Christmas shopping for others). I'll look for The Rape of Europa at the library - I see there are no holds on that one!

Another excellent book on art crime is The Caravaggio Conspiracy by Peter Watson. It's several years old now, but still available on Amazon. Watson, a journalist, also went undercover to try to find a stolen Caravaggio painting. The story is fascinating and the outcome more surprising than fiction.

Art History Today

I'll order a copy of Priceless. I keep meaning to read the Caravaggio book, but haven't got around to it.

H Niyazi

I'm always partial to anything about Vermeer. I must check out this book! I got my hands on a rare video documentary from 1997(pre DVD) about Vermeer the other day which I'm looking forward to watching.

Have you ever seen Peter Greenaway's "A Zed and Two Noughts" It was actually this film which introduced me to Vermeer and Van Meegeren.


Art History Today


It is worth a read. I saw the Greenaway film on TV years ago. I don't think I was an art historian then, so never really picked up on the references.

Another Vermeer recommendation. Do you know Ivan Gaskell's 'Vermeer's Wager'? Very good ob V in relation to the museum and photography, and looking ahead to V in film in some ways.

H Niyazi

Cheers for that David! I just discovered a great lecture on the NGA site featuring Mr Lopez talking about this very book

Here's the direct link :)




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