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H Niyazi

I really enjoyed the compositional theory in this one, any art history discussion that brings geometry and mathematics into it makes us science types pleased!

Some links your readers may be interested in David. Non UK users can see this episodes at my post at 3PP:


Also, seeing you mentioned talking about a contemporary art in a way that references the Renaissance approach - my interview with Digital Artist Gilles Beloeil is framed in exactly this manner, establishing links between Uccello's perspective drawings to modern digital imaging suites.


Kind Regards
H Niyazi

Art History Today

Thanks H. I'll do a short post tipping readers off about the Beloeil.

On a technical point, do you know how you get images to open out in new windows? I usually write/publish the post using word and then put the images in via Typepad where it's done automatically. But there must be some way of getting the images ready in the word software. If you don't know I'll put them in again via Typepad because I would like people to see a larger image of Poussin's Baptism which I scanned in.

Best- David

H Niyazi

Hi David - clicking the image above labelled 'Washington Baptism' definitely opens in a new window for me, and at a more significant res.

If you like working in a wordprocessor type environment, but not the typepad interface, another option is Windows Live Writer, which is part of free Windows Live essentials suite. It allows more advanced imaging options, including adding watermarks and such.

If you would like to have a look, see here


Kind Regards

Art History Today

Thanks H.

I'll check out Windows Live Writer. Not surprised I've never heard of it; the gaps in my computer knowledge are vast!

Mattjhew Collings

The series is not academically naive, it's just not coming from an academic place (or not only). I've never been disillusioned with modern art, and in fact have always thought of modern and pre-modern as profoundly continuous. The discontinuity is between modern and a certain type of post-modern, namely populist institution post-modern The aim of the series is to criticise that kind of thing.

Glennis McGregor

A really fantastic book (well written and recent!) on this subject is "The Mirror, the Window, and the Telescope: How Renaissance Linear Perspective Changed Our Vision of the Universe" by Samuel Y. Edgerton.

I drew heavily from this book, as well as from the 3rd Renaissance Revolution programme (which I thought was excellent! - except for the music:) in my blog post 'Heaven in a Box' http://glennis.net/real/?p=279 where I also explore contemporary ambitions to break out of the perspective box....

Art History Today

I don't know the book but I've heard of Edgerton. I'll look out for it.

When I get a little time I'll flag up your site- really good- in a post.

Best- David


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