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H Niyazi

Very interesting David - though your description of a Raphael being shot at gave me chills!

I think it would have been great to have used paintings in the 'blocks' It would have had more luck connecting with the average person watching on the telly or passers by. Instead you have a procession of lofty books with hyphenated authors!

Who organises these people?!! Images were definitely the way to go in that instance


Art History Today

As I understand it, an branch of the resistance against the Con-Dems known as "arts against cuts" suggested using books- after the Italians. There are photos of kettle kops fighting book blockers on the web.

Good point about the visual dimension underplayed. Most of these book titles are philosophy, but no references to art history apart from the art in spaces that are occupied. I would be great to see reproductions of Mona Lisa, Raphael, Picasso etc up there. Art History strike back!

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