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H Niyazi

I found the Polish Professor's opinions on this much harder to swallow once I discovered this painting has already done so much travelling!

I believe it is actually in Warsaw at the moment, as was in Budapest not too long ago, so portraying it like something that will disintegrate if you even contemplate moving it from Krakow(currently being refurbished) seems like a bit of stretch.

I sense there is some political undertone to the objection that isn't being fully elucidated.

I loved Waldemar Januszczak's comment about his countryman on Twitter.... calling the claims 'small minded post-Soviet piffle' [14 Dec] ha!


Art History Today

There's always politics involved in these events. I'm staying out of it and letting them get on with it. I would like to see the 'Lady with an Ermine'. I didn't know it had traveled much before.

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