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H Niyazi

Nice summation David!

What is most annoying is the widespread coverage this story got and not one shred of evidence or photo to show for it.

This Vincenti has a lot of Barnum and Bailey in him, which is quite distasteful. One usually expects a researcher to calmly presenting their findings for peer review and analysis, not whip up a media frenzy with naught to show for it.

Things are obviously done differently in Italy :)


Ben Sweeney

Great article as usual..David;;;; Let us see the evidence then if legit, see where it takes us."Cerca Trova" Seek and you shall find, if the letters are there then why? Human Nature is again on display, of course those with agendas will devise a way to make a buck or pound but if letters are there then we should carefully look at every painting. Leonardo as an optic scientist would be happy. This is not about Mona's true identity, it about Leonardo and his technique. The venerated Mona has nothing to worry about, only those who have made a living claiming to know her and her creator.
best, ben sweeney

Art History Today


H- we'll have to wait and see.

Ben- We seem to be dealing with all things Leonardo at the moment. Good to hear from you.

Derek Bair

I thought you would be interested in what I found regarding the Mona Lisa and other Leonardo art. I have a preview on my site itsjustlife.com or itsjustlife.com/monsalai.html and I have pictures to back up what I found. ;-)

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