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H Niyazi

Hi David - hope you are feeling better!

Interesting post - I wasnt aware Ruskin was so enamoured of Venice. This type of exposure makes him an even better candidate to temper the pre-raphaelites whilst they were still young and rowdy and ensure their transition to the more mainstream acceptance.

I always liked what he said about their choice of name though ;)

Keep up the Vitamin C!

Kind Regards


I think Ruskin was absolutely right to "go back to basics, quarrying the material of raw data, and eventually processing his findings through rigorous analysis." That he made extensive drawings of particular architectural features which brought the reader back to first principles was both thorough and didactic.

But... but.....everyone is passionate about Venice. Ruskin didn't create a new taste for Italian architecture back in Britain; he was merely repeating what generations of Grand Tourists had known. I wish he had been a bit more modest about his contributions.

Art History Today

H- Yes, I am much better. I think it was something I ate, and it only lasted a few days.

Hels- You obviously know much more about architecture than me. The question of Ruskin's importance and influence on 19th century aesthetic/architectural theory has been coming up a lot. My students demand to know why this man is touted as one of the greatest thinkers of the 19th century.

I do agree with you; Ruskin could have played down his achievements, though I probably risk getting lynched by PRB scholars in saying that!

Best David

john hopper

Excellent article. I liked the information concerning how Ruskin became initially enamoured with Venice through Samuel Rogers's 'Italy'. It is always good to see people with reputations as monumental as Ruskin, being a little nervous, young and unsure.


Ruskin and Venice - Art History Today

Bee Pollen


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Ruskin and Venice - Art History Today

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