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H Niyazi

Fabulous post David! I always enjoy learning about the influence of Raphael on this latter era.

I must say my favourite example of a 19thC work that is an homage to Raphael is Constable's 'Cenotaph to the Memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds' which contains a bust of both Michelangelo and Raphael, as does the actual cenotaph in real life.

I must get off my backside and do a post about it soon!


Art History Today

I'm not that up on Constable, so I'd be interested to read something about that.

Do you know Turner's view of Rome with Raphael contemplating his art? I must put that up on the site sometime.

Best- David

c @ penbrushneedle

Fascinating post, especially (for me) the part on William Dyce - I wasn't aware that the Nazarenes had any impact on non-German artists.

Speaking of the Nazarenes: Their mentor, writer/philosopher Friedrich Schlegel, had a surprisingly similar take on Raphael as Ruskin. I don't remember the exact quote, but in his "Lectures on Christian Art", Schlegel states that while Raphael's religious paintings may be most beautiful on a formal level, there is no true Christian spirit in them and Raphael's Madonnas might just as well pass for Junos from ancient Rome... I find it quite funny to learn that 19th century Brits and Germans thought so much alike ;-)


H Niyazi

@David - I do indeed know that Turner - I have an image of it in my very first Raphael flavoured post at 3PP from many months ago:


Kind Regards

Art History Today

@Penbrushneedle, thanks for the info about Schlegel.

I must look at his lectures on Christianity.

Francis DeStefano


You don't agree with Ruskin, or do you? I think most recent scholarship rejects his evaluation of Raphael. I am thinking especially of Ingrid D. Rowland's wonderful study, "The Intellectual Background of the School of Athen," in Raphael's School of Athens, ed. by Marcia Hall in 1997. Her title tells the story.

Two years ago I heard Professor Hall discuss the intellectual and religious background of the Sistine Madonna. At the same conference Paul Krubiner gave a brilliant exposition of the Transfiguration.


Art History Today

Hi Frank,

I don't agree with Ruskin at all, no. I think he has a simplistic take on paganism in the renaissance; though the scholarship on the interaction of Christian ideas and paganism was far ahead of him, and his view is typical of the 19th century- Dyce must have thought the same as he ignored the Sch of Athens.

That later scholarship is typified by Ingrid Rowlands/Marcia Hall book on the Sch of Athens. I didn't have a copy of it to hand, though I do have Rowlands book on Rome somewhere. I met her briefly in Venice where she was chairing our session on painters and philosophers.

Best- David

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