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i'm not really that interested in history but reading this made me feel serious about it especially Campo Santo. i've looked it up on wiki and found out that it really is a cemetery.

fyi. a Filipino local dialect, use the term "campo santo" for cemeteries.

c @ penbrushneedle

Thank you so much for this post – it’s great to see Gozzoli and the Campo Santo grace the pages of this blog :-)

I hope you don’t mind me chiming in with a small piece of little known extra information: While it was only Lasinio’s 1807 prints that ignited a general interest in the Campo Santo, the first 19th century artist to „re-discover“ its decoration was actually German/Austrian painter Joseph Anton Koch (1768-1839). Koch, who had been living in Rome ever since 1795, visited Pisa in 1803 and, according to his own testimony, had himself locked up in the Campo Santo for three days in order to study its frescoes. He was particularly impressed (and eventually influenced) by the paintings of Gozzoli whose works he also studied when he travelled to Florence that same year.

Both in Pisa and Florence, Koch did many sketches after Gozzoli’s (and other’s) frescoes – his 1803 sketchbook is still preserved in the Graphic Collection of Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts. Incidentially, the Academy is hosting an exhibition of Koch’s drawings this spring (March 23 – April 30), and I guess there’s a good chance that they will put the sketchbook on display. Btw, the exhibition will also be shown in the Casa di Goethe in Rome (May 25 – July 24). So, for those with a generous travelling budget, this might be an interesting companion piece to the exhibition on Pre-Raphaelite drawing in Birmingham.


Art History Today

If the budget permitted, I'd love to go and see the Koch exhibition in Rome. I didn't know that J.A. Koch had copied Gozzoli's frescoes, so many thanks for that information.

Koch seems to have been v knowledgeable about past art- lots of influences in art, including, of course, Poussin.



I find it super that Gozzoli’s frescoes were considered significant enough for the curator at Campo Santo to engrave them way back in the early 19th century. Lasinio's prints of the wall paintings, done 200 years ago, may be the only source of reliable information. Where are his engravings now - I would love to see them.

Art History Today

Hels. I gather that there are copies in museums and libraries. My local museum seems to have a copy, so I might arrange a visit.



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Ruskin and the Campo Santo - Art History Today

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