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H Niyazi

Fascinating post David! Amazingly, I was concurrently working on a Valentine's themed post also including Dante Alighieri and his PRB namesake, but from quite a different angle!

The Malatesta were big playears in the Renaissance as well, my favourite instance being Sigusmundo (Pandolfo) Malatesta depicted in the Gozzoli frescoes at the Palazzo Medici.

Kind Regards

Art History Today

Hi H,

Thanks for the mention on your post. There's another coincidence: I showed the Holiday 'Dante and Beatrice' to my students this week, though I wished I'd had your holiday snap of the location!

I'm arranging a visit to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool next month, so that will be on the list to view.



H Niyazi

What fascinating coincidences! I did take some pics near that spot myself but they did not accurately mirror the angle Holiday used, hence I used Google Street View to get that image of the modern day view from the Ponte a Santa Trinita.

It's a useful tip to keep in mind when you want to easily source modern day images of locations depicted in artworks :)


Account Deleted

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Thanks for the bookmark-worthy content you write in this part of the Web.

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