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Thanks for reminding us that indeed, Watts was THE MOST Symbolist of all the late Victorian painters. His influence is sometimes overlooked but not so much any more since the Tate 1998 exhibition "The Age of Rossetti, Burne-Jones & Watts: Symbolism in Britain, 1860-1910". His influence on younger painters such as Evelyn De Morgan, Burne-Jones, and John Roddam Spencer Stanhope was huge. And the way in which he was influenced by Spiritualism may still be a book to be written. Nice piece!!

H Niyazi

Very interesting David! You may have seen me tweet earlier this week that the symbolists don't get enough attention in arts writing! They seem to always get swamped by the PRB!

I was thinking about Jean Delville specifically, but Watts fits into this picture too. I hope to do a post on Delville at some point - fascinating artist. I see quite alot of parallels with the symbolists and modern digital and concept artists, but will save exploring that for the future post.

Kind Regards


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George Frederick Watts: An English Symbolist. - Art History Today
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