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Great post! The esoteric and mysticism was thoroughly ingrained in the work of many 19th Century artists. I believe that Tissot felt his religious images came to him whilst in a trance. The idea of the artist as medium and spiritualist practice as a means to access creativity was put forth convincingly, if perhaps at too great a length, by Sophia De Morgan her spiritualist classic "From Matter to Spirit" (1863). Many of her ideas were influenced by Emanuel Swedenborg whom I also seem to remember as making the comparison between mysticism and creativity.

H Niyazi

Fascintaing post David. I'm beginning to regret missing the Moreau exhibition that just rolled through my neck of the woods!

You mentioned Bellini - I would cite another clear renaissance parallel is Cellini's perseus - the pose of the figure and the disembodied head hearken to it magnificently.

There is nothing wrong with 'the sources game' - artists generally are not people living in a vacuum immune to outside influences and inspiration. The trick is to impart their own signature style on the theme, which Moreau has done magnificently here.

It is fascinating seeing the perseus/medusa motif make it through the ages - something which I examined a few months back in the post 'Renaissance recycling- Perseus as Medici Avenger' (link below for those interested)


Kind Regards

David Packwood


Yes, this is the time for that blend of religion and the occult. I don't know exactly how spiritualism affected the 19th century English artists, but it's clearly important. I know more about Swedenborg's connection with Blake, but of course the latter was a massive influence on the symbolists. I did show a few of De Morgan's paintings on a previous course- not surprised she was involved with gnostic matters too.


Cellini works for me- I can definitely see the source, not hidden too much by Moreau. I wonder how I missed that!

I'm a bit cautious about source-hunting- though I still think it's legitimate- because I have been criticized for it before, when I was a doctoral student.

Best- David


@David, Swedenborgian concepts underpinned a lot of 19th C. Spiritualist thought because, I suppose, he described the spiritual realm so vividly. However, its influence on writers has been better explored than that of artists. I believe that the Transcendentalists/Luminists were greatly influenced by Swedenborg. George Inness being the most obvious.

Some graduate work has recent been done on how Spiritualist ideas such as those expressed in Sophia De Morgan's book influenced how the soul was depicted in art/automatic drawings. Interestingly enough in contrast with Evelyn De Morgan who painted spiritualist allegories Georgiana Houghton, Hilma Af Klint and Emma Kunz all painted their ideas about spiritualism in abstract ways.

H Niyazi

@David - that's a shame to hear that it's discouraged academically, but I'm also not surprised.

For myself at least, looking for thematic congruences in art and literature over large spans of time is easily the most fun part. Now you now why I felt uneasy when I was formally studying art history! In the sciences, patterns are beautiful and golden things - whether it's mathematics or observing similarities in anatomical structure and function across different parts of the body(as my training entailed.

Kind Regards


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