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H Niyazi

Superb post David, many fascinating examples! Ive always loved that Parmagianino convex image.

How about a less direct example - such as the portraits of women with mirrors. In showing is the female figure in the reflection, we would know that in actuality this means that the observer is visible to the subject holding the mirror in this fashion - very subtly suggesting the presence of the artist - the best known example being Titian's Venus with a mirror.

Velasquez and Rembrandt's use of reflections to suggest self has also been discussed by many, though it was good to hear about these lesser publicised artists for a change.

Kind Regards

Benjamin (Ben) Harvey

Fascinating and useful post, David. The one thing I query is the reading of suicidal tendencies into the Gertler work. His suicide actually happened in 1939, so more than just a few years later. The painting seems to be about his artistic influences, doesn't it?--Van Eyck, as you suggest; Japanese art; Cezanne (the apples, Gertler was a huge fan); and I'm not so sure about the bottle and candle!

For another nice self-portrait with an allusion to the Van Eyck, plus a touch of Whistler about it, see William Orpen's "Mirror" of 1900: http://tinyurl.com/3rkcbtg

Cheers! Ben

LSBF consultant

If you want to see the mind blowing article with real facts and figures, this has really tremendous impacts on readers.

Stephen Spurrier

Extremely well researched, thoughtfully collated, intelligently written by writer/s with serious art and life experience. A great read .. thank you.

Ghazanfar Ali - Times Consultant - Study Abroad

superb collection

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