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Alberti's Window

So interesting! I'm fascinated with van Meegeren and read the book by Lopez a few years ago. I agree with you: "The Procuress" doesn't have the same heavy-lidded, gaunt looking figures that van Meegeren produced in his Vermeer forgeries.

I'm so glad you gave a little more information about this latest "Fake or Fortune" episode. I wish I could watch it in the States! I heard from Hasan that this episode on Vermeer/van Meegeren was going to take air, and I was disappointed that I was unable to see it.

David Packwood

Thanks Monica.

I hope you, and others in the States get the chance to see it- it's a really interesting programme.




When I saw the Fake or Fortune? show the very first glimpse of the painting told me it was a van Meegeren. The woman on the left gave it away - van Meegeren, even in his forgeries, had a very distinctive style. I think his Hals forgeries are slightly more successful: eg his version of "malle Babbe", but you may disagree.
Of course it is the ultimate irony that van Meegeren forged a painting that was used several times in the background of Vermeer's paintings.
Contrary to what is said in the show, the Dutch sort of admire van Meegeren not because of his forgeries (naughty boy) but because he managed to dupe the Nazis. That still gives him a lot of credit in our eyes.

David Packwood


I'm not disagreeing that the Courtauld painting is a van Meegeren fake, especially after bakelite was found in the painting. It's the olfd problem that when the technlogy says something different than your instincts, you don't want to believe it. You obviously know a lot more than me about the complexities of VM's style, so I'm quite happy to be persuaded by you.

I knew that VM became a hero because he fooled the Nazis, not because of his forgeries. Most popular man in Holland at one time!



High Tea Utrecht

That's the problem with technology. Everybody always seems to trust it. We recently carbon dated a painting that was painted just a year ago. It diagnosed it as 400 years old...

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