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Edward Goldberg

Any time you move a work of art, there is inevitably a risk of damage. But Cracow has not been shy about lending out that picture. (I saw it here in Florence twelve years ago, when they also sent it to Rome and Milan.)Needless to say, the National Gallery absolutely MUST have at least one guard in every room for a Leonardo Show (surely that is not even under discussion?!) and a full security system - with motion detectors, etc. They can always opt for a plexiglass (or whatever) shield. Having said that, there is no reason to think that the picture is less exposed to crazies in Cracow than in London. And if a crazy is on a mission to damage a picture, they are pretty nearly unstoppable.

David Packwood


There's no doubt the security is going to have to be stepped up for the Leonardo show, especially as the Louvre are loaning one of the most important paintings in their collection.

I agree- pictures are vulnerable anywhere.

Security Jobs

"The National Gallery is very pleased to work with Olga Jaros, the newly appointed chairwoman of the Czartoryski Foundation, on the loan painting of Lady with an Ermine.”

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