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Even for people who are not Poussin fans, this episode shows how destructive one moron can be.

I agree that the event will inevitably reignite debates about security in museums. As it should do! But bag searches won't stop a determined crusader.

The only way to protect precious art treasures is to place a thick, clear protective cover in front of the work. It would cost a fortune, but x-ray machines at gallery doors would cost even more. And it would be less invasive for the 99.99% of gallery visitors who are decent human beings.

David Packwood

Thanks Hels,

Yes, I think a protective surface, non-reflective glass, whatever might be the solution. We'll wait and see. I know bag searches won't really stop anybody hell bent on destruction.

Yes, all art lovers wether Poussin fans or not, wil be deeply saddened by this incident. It's just appalling.


Alberti's Window

What awful news! This reminds me a little of what Alexander Brener did to a painting by Malevich:


If you hear more on the subject, please keep us posted!

H Niyazi

Shocking news! I'm actually surprised to hear that such a revered work wasn't underneath glass or a protective surface to begin with - it is surely one of Poussin's most famous works.

I don't think the nudity was spark - it is not an entirely lascivious work. It's hard to know the mind of people who can bring themselves to do this. Some looking at the work without understanding its meaning could see it as a veneration of the worship of false idols. We may never know the answer.

Speaking of appalling behaviour towards art - how about that San Francisco Picasso thief - Authorities just raided his New Jersey apartment to discover enough works in there to fill a small gallery - all stolen from galleries and hotels over the last month!

More info here: http://bit.ly/n4zJW5


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