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Excellent post. Such forced interpretations don't serve our understanding of Poussin or Twombly.

David Packwood

Hi Pranogajec,

Yes, you're right. Both artists are cancelled out by this contrived display.

I'll stick a link to your blog on my site. I'm not an expert on architecture. I do have Banham's brilliant book on LA, and I keep meaning to read Damisch's book on architecture. Have you read it?


H Niyazi

Many thanks for this write-up David.

Perhaps I'm old fashioned - I have been curious about the motivation for this exhibition too. There's so much more to being a classical painter than a soundbyte equivalent of classical quotes. There's a rich iconographical heritage for starters, which Twombly discards in his very approach.

I'm even jarred that I agree with Hughes' 'logo' observation. It's quite apt. Perhaps the point of this exhibition is to highlight the contrast between approaches to a broad theme, rather than being a direct comparison, and cause the type of discussion as is happening here and elsewhere?

In related news, I wonder if the compositional unity of a Twombly piece has ever been disrupted by a crazed spray painter?!

Kind Regards

David Packwood


I thought Hughes was spot on too, with his logo remark.

I'm sure they weren't going for a direct comparison, as anybody can see these painters are totally incompatible. Somebody suggested that they might be using Twombly to attract a younger crowd more oriented towards modern art. If so, I doubt if it will succeed. Would they want to look at Poussin as well?


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Georges Seurat was very interested in art from antiquity, in Greek and Roman sculptures. In his works there is a tension between the contemporary, popular culture and references to elite high art of Egyptian, Greek and Romans.

David Packwood

I take your point, but I think Seurat is a far better artist than Twombly. Also, unlike Twombly, Seurat was very knowledgeable about post-classical art including Poussin, Piero della Francesca and he knew how to blend classical, renaissance, and the modern art of his time together.As I said in the post Twombly just superimposes the classical over the modern without any finesse, while Poussin was thoroughly versed in ancient art and is able to combine the two seamlessly.

Thanks for commenting- David

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