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l notes

Hello David,
I look very much forward to your forthcoming post about the many 'Judgement of Paris' paintings or drawings by or after RAFFAELLO or GIORGIONE.
You certainly know the reference: Healy F (1997) 'Rubens and the Judgement of Paris: a question of choice' Brepols. She has several notes on this matter on pp.168-169.
Best wishes,
K. Bender

David Packwood


I do know that book, and consulted it recently. I gave a paper on Rubens's Judgement of Paris last year- and the author of that book was in the audience!


Love your blog.

Elizabeth Chilver

I've only just found this as I was hunting around on the internet for portraits of ladies in this period.

I am intrigued as to how the lady in this painting (confirmed to be c. 1542) could be Princess Elizabeth Tudor. In 1542 she would have been NINE years old.

Even taking into account artistic licence, the sitter in this portrait is most certainly not a child of 9 years old at all. I would say the earliest age she is would be around her late teens.

What is the provenance that it is Princess Elizabeth?

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at new things you post…


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