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H Niyazi

Amazing post David! I enjoyed the comparison to Piero di Cosimo - whom Vasari has somewhat tarnished (along with many others)! He was a superb artist deserving of a far greater deal of attention than he presently receives outside of esoteric scholarly circles.

His 'Perseus' you mentioned above is quite a small piece - yet it transfixed me immediately upon seeing it at the Uffizi last year. I encourages your readers to explore it at length via the Google Art Project's high res-scan: http://goo.gl/ukjX5

Before Leonardo and Piero, it's always interesting to note the Fra Filippo Lippi's Adoration of the Christ child, its mysterious forest backdrop - having some very real-world inspiration compared to the latter landscapes. Some commentators have noted it as a source for Leonardo's fanatastical landscapes in 'The Rocks' - For your readers that may be interested, I did a lengthier exploration of it here, which includes some great documentary clips on Gozzoli's Procession which flanked Lippi's Adoration in its original setting in the Magi Chapel of the Palazzo Medici: http://www.3pipe.net/2010/12/filippo-lippi-adoration.html

Kind Regards

David Packwood

Thanks H for the kind comments and links. I did check out the Perseus on the Google Art Project- I must use that more in class-the resolutions are phenomenal.

I've bookmarked your article and will read it when I've got a quiet moment.

BTW, loved your other post on connoisseurship. I will return to that subject myself eventually.



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Leonardo, Painting and the Natural World. - Art History Today

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