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« Rediscoveries Revelations. Book Review: The Secrets of Leonardo da Vinci, Vol. 1, Graeme Cameron, Vega Scan, 2011. | Main | Poussins Revenge »



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Francis DeStefano


Thanks for a very fine review of the new book but what is VegaScan technology? I know about x-rays and infra-red reflectography but the image you provide seems like a computer enhancement rather than a true image of the underdrawing.


H Niyazi

Interesting point Frank.

I would like to inquire as to whether Mr. Cameron was granted permission by the Louvre to apply his VegaScanning process to the original panel, or if it was applied to an image of it?

If the scan was applied on the original, then the interaction of the modality with the media will yield true observational results, such as in the multispectral scan on the actual panel Mona Lisa/Caterina etc is on.

I am sure readers would appreciate Mr. Cameron to provide further insights on the technical aspects of this modality.

Kind Regards

David Packwood

Hi Frank and H,

I don't know precisely what the Vegascan is either. In the book, Graeme does say that in respect of Mona Lisa/Mona Caterina, this type of scan goes deeper than the scans carried out in 2010. These were the "recent X-Radiographic florescent scans" carried out at the Louvre's laboratories in 2010. For the technically minded,GC's book says that these "scientifically confirmed that there are indeed at least 30 ultra-thin ("rejuvenating") varnish layers, each 1.5 microns thick, applied as sfumato glazes for the facial modifications.

GC calls it the VegaScan spectral sublimation scanning process, and I gather it goes deeper than the Louvre scans. I stress that I'm more art historian than scientist, so I don't know exactly how this process works.

More than that I can't say.


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Rediscoveries Revelations. Book Review: The Secrets of Leonardo da Vinci, Vol. 1, Graeme Cameron, Vega Scan, 2011, 128 pages. - Art History Today

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