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Interesting points David! From reading Syson's lovely introduction in the catalogue, the 'making of Leonardo' during the first tenure at Milan was undoubtedly the focus of this exhibition.

That being said, this may generate some interest in Leonardo's followers - many of whom have gone unnoticed in the public eye - usually the domain of scholars and the art market trying to assign a value to Leonardesque piece. A branch of study, and spate of ehxibitions have sprug up around Caravaggio and his followers, why not Leonardo?

Giampetrino is an interesting character - there's that controversial but fascinating Magdalene which is usually attributed to him, though some give it to Leonardo. Another of his Magdalenes is widely seen as the predecessor for Titian's more famous penitent Magdalenes.

Kind Regards

David Packwood

Thanks H. Sorry I haven't been in touch. Most of time writing lectures.




I like your post. You make some good points.

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