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Superb stuff David! I really must get my hands on this book one day, I'd be interested in a differetial analysis between the purported copy and the original - are these outlined in the book?

It seems c'ship is becoming a popular topic - it has most definitely become a great part of what I'm up to in my own efforts, but even from public comments/reactions to the Leonardo exhibition there seems to be a genuine interest in reporting standards and the reasoning behind the labels galleries affix to works.

Wonderfully related to everything you have presented here, is the NGA lecture/podcast by David Alan Brown on the history of teaching connoisseurship, with a particular focus on Berenson and Sachs.


Sites such as this one, Art History News, and dare I add 3PP (among others) are doing good work to bring these issues to the public in a level of unprecedented detail - a great step forward.

Kind Regards


Hello! First, I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past few hours. Second, this does not regard this certain article, but I was wondering if you are planning on posting about Da Vinci's recently discovered Salvator Mundi. Do you think it is a Da Vinci, etc.? I was sent to your blog after reading an ArtWatch International article that linked your blog to theres. This leads me to the question: what do you think about restorations?
Thanks you!

David Packwood

Jonathan- Thanks for stopping by.

I did envisage doing more on Leonardo, but pressure of work, time constraints stopped that. I'm sceptical about the Salvator Mundi, but was waiting for the book on it to appear before I made up my mind- that doesn't seem forthcoming.

On restoration? Sometimes it's justified but in a growing number of cases, it seems to do more harm than good. A case in point- the Louvre's Virgin and St Anne. https://apps.facebook.com/theguardian/artanddesign/2011/dec/28/louvre-leonardo-overcleaned-art-experts


ah!! what a wonderful read that would be (a book on the salvator mundi)...It seems like now a days everyone is claiming they have a leonardo in their collection (a subject that you mentioned in another post)...And yes I had just seen all the chaos caused by the cleaning of The virgin and St. Anne. Truthfully, I think nothing should be cleaned besides things that are going to fall apart, or that are almost 100 percent discolored/black...I don't know why the national gallery pressured the louvre into cleaning it...it looked fine.

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