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H Niyazi

Thank you for this thematic exploration David. This was undoubtedly the most fascinating part of this picture for me - namely the progress of this theme in Italian art.

Thematic considerations are of course a necessary part of an attribution, but are they definitive at locating an artwork beyond a region or school? My review always argued at a confluence of factors solidifying an attribution, especially in the case where provenance and documentary evidence can not take us to the period in question.

Invoking Berenson's weary specter is not going to nudge things forward here. A last check of his track record will show a steady stream of attributions being reversed in the light of evidence from beyond his gut feelings and financial ties to the Duveen.

Even if we can acquiesce the JoP a Roman theme, the execution of the work presents many problems for linking it to Raphael in anything more than a possible homage based on the generic resemblances.

It would be more useful to see an under surface scan, a pigment and ground analysis, something which may at least allow further points of comparison to early 16th century pieces from Raphael's studio. Right now all we have is "the theme fits", and a plethora of other commentators arguing over a Venetian author! I'm sure there are many pieces on gallery walls with much less going for them, but that was then, and this is now!

On Raphael at least, I have made a resolution to report every new finding in the starkest possible light. My own feelings are immaterial, I will go on points of comparison with the known body of literature on Raphael. That this piece has eluded the great cataloguers of his work until now (including Crowe and Cavalacaselle) is a difficult place to start building a case from.

An interesting discussion nonetheless - thank you for bringing it to our attention!


K. Bender

Dear David,
Thanks again for this excellent exploration of the documentation available for this subject in the given period in the Italian region. I am glad that my quantitative approach may be of some help to art historians. About SCHIAVONE's paintings, some more information can be of interest for the dossier:
1° Re: "The Judgement of Paris shown above appeared on the art market recently and was probably painted in the 1540s..." Probably not identical to a record -not in my catalogue, and without illustration- about 'the judgement of paris;the contest of apollo and marsyas/ a pair, both oil on canvas, sold London, Sotheby's 9 July 1998, sale LN8428-lot 173'. The lot description tells 'The illustrious provenance of this pair of canvases is attested to by a pair of sketches in the 17th Century album of pen and ink drawings, done after paintings in the collection of Andrea Vendramin, now in the British Museum (Sloane MSS. 4004)'.

2°Re: "...although K Bender notes a J of Paris attributed to Schiavone in Vienna, dating from the 1550s". Here you refer to an oil on panel, 19 x 34 cm, sale in Vienna, Dorotheum 14 April 2005, lot n°320. The date is my suggestion and according to my more recent notes, the same painting was sold as 'Circle of Andrea Meldolla, il Schiavone: The Judgement of Paris: the lid of a box,
oil on panel 19.7 x 35.5 cm' by Christie's, sale 9950-lot n°137 29 October 2004 London, South Kensington; and again by Sotheby's, sale: N08406-lot n°31, New York, Sat, 26 Jan 2008.

3°Berenson 'Pitture Italiane del Rinascimento' Phaedon, London 1958, p.166 and Healy 1997, p.169, note nr.118 refer to a painting 'Giudizio di Paride' in Galleria Sabaudo, Torino, inventory n°562, but I do not know the size of this painting and I have no illustration.

4°According to Bartsch 32(16,1) Italian Artists of the 16th Century-School of Fontainebleau Edited by H.Zerner, 1979, p.107,#80(69) SCHIAVONE made also a print 'Judgment of Paris', similar but with major differences and in reverse to M RAIMONDI's print.


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