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Francis DeStefano


why is it the head of Leda? Why not a drawing of the head of the Madonna for the famous Madonna with St. Anne?


David Packwood

Hi Frank- I can't remember all the various reasons why scholars call it Leda. Off the top of my head- and I was hinting at in the review- Leda is nature, which is why L chose the subject; also in the larger versions, you see the theme of biological generation in nature, themes of interest to Leonardo.

I hear what you're saying and I don't disagree. It could be a study for the Madonna, but that's not received opinion as far as I know. Not that received opinion is right I hasten to add!

Glennis McGregor

Hi David,
So dissappointed I won't be able to attend Martin's lecture - I did see him at a talk at the National Gallery with Michael Craig-Martin and Luke Syson which was a really good combo.
The point about hair being an opportunity to meditate on natural fluid dynamics was made that evening. Craig-Martin went further in discussing not just leonardo's dynamic forms, but the energy 'charge' expressed in them. I found this concept so cool, I posted a whole blog post about it!
(Natural Systems: Leonardo's Energy Charge)


I should clarify - it was Martin Clayton who spoke about Leonardo's drawing with Michael Craig-Martin. I'm sorry to miss his *and Martin Kemp's Birmingham dates. So many illustrious Martins in Leonardo's orbit!

Thomp Bill

Great Job! I love it. Thanks for sharing this post.

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