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Francis DeStefano


Another great post with terrific images. Pordenone's Golgotha is spectacular, especially the centrally located centurion pointing to Christ and exclaiming, "Truly, this man was the Son of God." He is right above the altar and directs the congregation's attention at the elevation to the crucified Christ.

Provincial as a category does not work here.



Hi Frank. Have you actually been to Cremona and seen it? I haven't, but it would be too good to miss if I had the chance!

As for provincial and the spectator, these are just Freedberg's ideas. If I were trying to determine what it is, I'd probably concentrate on colour and "local" techniques. Good points about the Crucifixion though.




A truly wonderful essay – many thanks. The Golgotha is quite amazing – I don’t know how anyone could label it ‘provincial’ in terms of technique or execution. I am also stymied when critics and historians discuss coloration without any parallel discussion of how that coloration may have changed over time.

However, where Berenson might have had an argument for provincialism is perhaps in the extreme quality of the religious fever. While a great deal of religious art delivers a sense of transcendence, or empathy, or even horror at some of the sacrifices or sufferings depicted, they are seldom as messily emotional as this Golgotha. The extremity of the emotion may mark it as provincial, here provincialism being an emotional rather than a compositional canard.


Hi Bob. Good to see you over here. Very shrewd points about provincialism. I do have an idea for a post on religious painting and the provincial public. as far as I know, Freedberg is the first to think of provincialism in terms of engaging the emotions of the spectator, though I don't think he says anything about religious fervour- this deserves another post some time.


Francis DeStefano


I've never been to Cremona but there is an equally impressive and emotional Crucifixion by Lorenzo Lotto in the little town of Monte S. Giusto in the Marche.


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