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Fascinating. But if this is by Raphael, I'll eat my trousers.

H Niyazi

Thank you for the update David. Although I will not put it as colorfully as Bendor, I would re-iterate a desire to see an indepedent evaluation of the efficacy of the Vega-Scanning method. If the "proprietary restrictions" alluded to mean that Cameron has a vested or financial interest in the device, then an independent assay of its validity becomes even more pressing.

I am also still a little unclear as to whether these scans are applied to the original object or an image of it. Judging by the the fact that the Mona Lisa was also Vega-scanned, I am imagining not as the amount of times the Louvre lets that painting loose from its frame are few and far between. This would of course introduce a new set of variables and sources for error - namely does the information captured in a photograph truly represent the original object? This would be easy enough to test - by examining a original works as a control and images of these works as test subjects, and that the results and interpretation are reproducible across operators. This is the type of detail that I was hoping this technical summary would include. I hope it is clarified in future.

Kind Regards

David Packwood

Bendor- That would be a sight!

H, I knew you were going to raise this issue. I'm sure Graeme will read this, and if he decides to relay his thoughts on it to me I'll incorporate it in the summary post.

Re Image and object, I assumed the VegaScan was of the original object,the painting- but again I'm giving GC the opportunity to respond to your questions.I have no idea what the situation is vis a vis the VegaScan and Mona Lisa.

Best- David

Francis DeStefano


Sorry for the late comment but I would again direct your attention to the "Rustic Idyll" attributed to Giorgione. You remember that I pointed out that the costume of the young man in that painting was remarkably similar to the one of Paris in the Judgment.

Now, you and Cameron see in the underpainting what is described as a unusual (for Raphael) Madonna and Child. I cannot see the details in the image you supply but your description fits that of the young woman with child in the Rustic Idyll.

Paris had an affair with the nymph Oenone and she bore him a son. You might want to include this in your round-up.


Quiteria Guardado Baeza

I have wanted to post something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Cheers.


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