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Very sorry to hear of your bereavement. I just lost my brother-in-law and I know these things are impossibly difficult.

La Trobe is the tip of the iceberg. I greatly fear for our culture -- not just its survival in universities (which is essential), but for it's overall health, as well.

Luke Powell

During the years when the Russians were in Kabul my exhibition of dye transfer prints The Afghan Folio traveled to over 120 public museums and university galleries in the US, Canada, and Britain. Over a million people attended the exhibits in 1989, when it was up for long periods at the Smithsonian and the Royal Ontario Museum. Gorbachov even arranged for a an exhibition at Manesh Hall in Moscow. But, since the NATO invasion and occupation began all shows have stopped. Why would American students need to see beautiful photographs of Afghanistan now that America has invaded? The last time I had a show at a major gallery in NY, at OK Harris, the owner took the only photograph of a mosque out of the exhibit. He said that it would anger and insult his neighbours to hang any photograph of a mosque in the gallery. Can you imagine the hysterics and legal assault had someone removed a photo of a synagogue from an exhibit? MIddlebury College in Vermont hosted my first exhibit of The Afghan Folio back in 1989, but when I came home after spending most of 2000 traveling with demeaning teams and a Talivan advisor, photographing uncleared minefields that might then be adopted by Western civic groups, when I got back to Middlebury I was told that I must remove my site, "because it threatens the State of Israel," which was not mentioned on the site. All of the good citizens of Middlebury, who had known me for two decades as a friend and parent, often a single parent, turned their backs on me en masse. All of these Yankee liberals treated me as if I had done something dirty for helping to clear American mines out of the way for a poor people. This happened the same month Middlebury College appointed its first Jewish president.

Anglo American academia has already lost the respect of the rest of the world in ways that will continue to be a factor for the next hundred years and more. They have behaved very much as German academia behaved as the Nazis came to power. In coming decades American anthropologists are liable to be shot on sight whenever they venture abroad, given their total naked complicity with these fraudulent wars. Any Australian university that dismisses out of hand its entire art department is not likely to be a serious player in any real intellectual fields that mankind truly needs. In general American academia has gone so far already in its complicity that it is lost. How long will it take for them to get over their ludicrous roll-over on the issue of the explanations for the events of 11 September? Scholars will howl derisively and use this as an example for centuries. American, Canadian, British, and Australian academics have rolled over so shamefully this time around, their shame will last for so long that the loss of an art department in some little-known Australian university is hardly worth talking about.


I like your post. You make some good points.

Delphia Chu

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