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But Clive Head is not a photorealist. Perhaps you should look at a painting, rather than a photograph of one, before judging things. That might improve the level of your criticism.

David Packwood

Alright, I stand corrected. I'm not an expert on modern art. FYI, I don't have a problem with Clive Head per se; just don't see the point of displaying him next to Poussin.



But the point is, how can you tell whether it is worth it without seeing the work? Until you see the painting "in the flesh" you don't know whether the way the space is organised, or the colours used, or perhaps even the surface of the painting (the way the paint is put on the canvas) is not like a Poussin.

I think you have to remember that in the 1990s Head was making paintings that were very like Poussin's work, that is mythological and allegorical subjects set in Arcadian landscapes, which did look Poussinesque. In the early 2000s he started painting contemporary urban scenes. But what he is saying here is there is still a link to Poussin. This is not an artist who has jumped on a recent bandwagon, he has claimed a link to Poussin for over 20 years!

So rather than dismissing that Poussin pedigree in Head, in the way you can with the nonsensical attempt to connect the dire work of Chris Ofili with Titian at the National Gallery, I think it is worth going to see the Head painting alongside the Poussin at Dulwich before making a value judgement as to whether the claims being made have any validity.



Could not agree more with your assessment, it seems just to be about "startling difference" for the sake of an exhibition. Perhaps Gressy1971 could point out this actual link to Poussin, when he asserts "there still is a link being said to Poussin" in this painting. I cannot perceive it. Where is it?

David Packwood

Gressy,I don't know much about Head's work. If he has been doing paintings based on Poussin mythological subjects, and his work has been informed by Poussin's technique, that's fine. I'm glad a modern artist has been inspired by Poussin. But then why don't the curators show these "Poussinesque" paintings in this exhibition?

The Dulwich curators have focused on Heada's painting of an underground station, and as Graeme says, and as I believe too, they seem to have nothing in common. What is it?

For the record I have nothing against Head or his devotees. As a Poussin scholar I'm concerned that curators, especially at Dulwich, seem to be manufacturing these shows for their own dubious agendas. Poussin would be served better if they arranged exhibitions of his own art, ideally with other museums. Let the public see Poussin in his own paint, as it were.


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