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Graeme Cameron

Hello again David, it's been quite a while since my last note, but kind compliments on your sister site and for your incisive observations above. I've always felt Baraocci to be much underated in modern times, with his brilliant colour and composition somewhat of Corregio's style and Raphael's colour, making him as you rightly say quite an "anomaly". It's therefore hard to "categorise" him as either a Mannerist, Rococo or Baroque artist, as it could be said he's an "amalgam" of all in various respects, with even a touch of the Urbino Renaissance evident. Thus rather than try, he could be deemed a beautiful enigma, whose works spanned through much of the 1500's.

Best regards,


Hasan Niyazi

Hello David - I wanted to commend you on this unique write-up. I have long pondered an effective way to approach and report an exhibition - especially in a blog format and I really like this approach!

It takes us away from the agenda the curators have set, and compels the writer and the reader to actually look, compare and evaluate, rather than just contemplating the overall thematic and hanging decisions (etc) that were made when assembling these shows.

A wonderful lesson here, cheers!

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Notes on the Barocci Exhibition. - Art History Today


Notes on the Barocci Exhibition. - Art History Today


Notes on the Barocci Exhibition. - Art History Today


Notes on the Barocci Exhibition. - Art History Today


Notes on the Barocci Exhibition. - Art History Today


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